HOODUBER is a Social App that gives you the tools to run your own transportation or ride share service from your phone & keep 100% of everything you earn build your own clientele, and keep your dollars circulating in your own community using software technology.

DISCLAIMER "Keep 100% of everything you Earn" means minus ACH & credit/debit card transactions fees for your riders who pay for trips using credit/debit cards.


Payment Processing for Trips

All transactions are processed through Stripe and Drivers pay all payment processing fees for credit/debit card transactions. Stripe transaction fee's are a minimum .50 USD per transaction or 2.9% + .30 USD per transaction. Stripe privacy Policy can be viewed at https://stripe.com/us/privacy . HOODUBER L.L.C. fee for managing stripe transactions for Driver "Accounts" is 1% per transaction. Payment processing fees per transaction will look like this: 3.9% + (10 "number of transactions" x $0.30). HOODUBER L.L.C. sytematically calculates and separates the fees for driver accounts.


If 1 trip Totalled to $80 you would subtract 3.9% from the total balance then subtract .30 cents. $80 - 3.9% = $76.88 - .30 cents = $76.58

3.9% of $80 is $3.12 ($80 x .039 = $3.12)

$80 - $3.12 = $76.88

$76.88 - .30 cents = $76.58

HOODUBER L.L.C. reserves the right to reverse or refund any or every transactions for any trip under any circumstances without your consent if we suspect any suspicious or fraudulent activity or if a customer (rider) is unsatisfied for any reason.

(ACH TRANSFERS) Collecting Credit/Debit Card Funds for Trips 

To transfer funds you must have a total balance of at least $100 or more in your Driver account (you can check your balance in the Bank Details screen) and you must add Bank Account information to your driver account to transfer funds. To transfer funds to your Bank Account (ACH Transfer) Select "Withdraw" from the Bank Details screen to transfer your funds to your bank account once you have entered the proper Bank Account details. Stripe charges .8% of balance being transfered and no more than $5 per transfer ($5 is max fee per transfer). Transfer means moving money out of your Driver account and into your bank account. Drivers pay transfer fees for every transfer. Limit the amount of times you transfer funds to save on transfer fees. You can check your credit/debit card pay balance for your Trips in the My Account> Bank Details.
TRY FOR $1.99
SUBSCRIPTIONS(Canceled Trips do not count against your Ride Requests)

Each subscription consists of access to software application (service) that allows the Subscriber to receive electronic Ride Requests from users inside the app looking for transportation (rides), it calculates the fare, distance, miles, Live eta and processes the payments. The software allows subscribers to create an exclusive or private network of customers inside the application whether it may be his/her friends or peers, high paying customers, or most consistent paying customers. The application allows the user to run and manage a independent ride share or transportation service and provides the market(customers).

Subscriptions are Month to Month. Each subscription is Based off a certain Amount (ex. 100, 1000, Unlimited) of Ride Requests & Radius or Location(s). You get a certain amount of Ride Requests to use each month within a certain mile Radius of your registered address. The number of Ride Requests and Location peramiter is determined by which plan you are subscribed to. If your Ride Requests exceeds the number of Trips or Ride Requests available to you before the renewal of your current subscription you can upgrade and immediately began accepting Ride Requests and completing trips again or you can wait for your subscription to renew as scheduled and begin Accepting Ride Requests on your renewal date. If You exceed the Radius or Location(s) limit available to you under your current subscription the only option is to upgrade to the --- UNLIMITED--- plan to began Accepting Ride Requests outside of the Radius or Location(s) available in your current subscription plan. 

Auto-Renewable Subscription items

1.Ride Requests - Electronic Requests from riders looking for transportation. "Only Trips that are successfully completed count against your Ride Requests. Trips that are cancelled Do not count against your Subscription benefits." 


Currently there are only two options for locations.

A. 300 mile radius (of registered address)
B. Unlimited (anywhere the app is available)

You can Accept ride requests within a 300 mile radius of your registered Address or Anywhere the app is available this is determined by which subscription plan you subscribe to. 

The ---UNLIMITED--- subscription plan is the only subscription package currently offering the Unlimited option to use H O O D U B E R in any city, state, or Country the app is available. (Its a great option for people who travel and perform a lot to create their own side hustle anywhere they go).

3.Connections - The size of the network the user is able to build within the app.

4.Favorites - The amount of potential Riders a Driver is able to favorite to re-connect with if their connections limit is full.


Allows the driver to Accept up to "100 Ride Requests" (Requests for transportation) from Riders inside the app looking for transportation within a "300 mile radius" of the drivers registered address, Build a network of up to 3000 connections, and favorite up to 2000 users.

Auto-Renewable Subscription ( Nature of auto-renewals and Upgrading or Changing Subscriptions)

Subscribers can upgrade subscription anytime. Upgrading a subscription is effective immediately and charges and benefits are applied same day. Any unused portion of a current subscription is still available until the end of its expiry date. Your new billing cycle starts 30 days after you have purchased your new upgraded or changed subscription plan. Your next billing cycle date of your newly upgraded or changed subscription can be found in the "My Plan" tab at the bottom of your current subscription details. 

When you choose a subscription plan your account will be charged Month to Month. The auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's My Account tab in the Main Menu. Select My Account > My Plan and then select “unsubscribe from current plan” written in plain black text at the bottom of the screen. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

A Subscriber can upgrade or change current package but cannot pre pay or subscribe to their Current package. And the subscriber can only upgrade or change their current subscriptions once a month.

If a subscriber is currently subscribed. They have the option to upgrade or change their subscription once during their current cycle. If they wish to change or upgrade their plan again during the same cycle they have to wait until their next subscription cycle starts or unsubscribe and wait for their current package to expire then upgrade or choose a different plan.


For iOS Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. For Android Payment will be charged to the credit or debit card registered during signup or the alternate payment method you have selected in the My Cards tab upon confirmation of purchase.


Pre Pay is a payment option for customers who do not wish to have their credit or debit cards automatically charged each month. And is a one time payment. The user must manually renew their service from their account month to month. 

(Purchases are non-refundable HOODUBER is a subscription based service.)

Free or "Try" $1.99 Trials 

Any unused portion of a free or $1.99 trial period, if offered, will be forfeited after 30 days or when the user purchases a subscription whichever is first.


Example: "Make up to $1,000" is based off an average "$10 fare" per Trip of the 100 rides in the ---PROMOTIONAL--- Package. 

"There is no limit to how much you can make in any package there is only a limit on how many Ride Requests you can Receive. So if your average fare per Trip is $20 and you have 100 rides You can make up to $2,000 the only thing limited is your Rides."

ADDRESS (Changing or editing)

Since the H O O D U B E R software subscriptions are Majorially based off Ride Requests & Radius and Location(s) this field is only editable under the ---UNLIMITED--- subscription plan. To edit this field you have to upgrade to the ---UNLIMITED--- subscription. If you are already subscribed to the ---UNLIMITED--- subscription plan you do not have to edit this field every time you travel because the radius in which you can accept Ride Requests is Unlimited. However If you plan on downgrading make sure your address on file is the current address or Location you plan to use the H O O D U B E R app in because once your new subscription plan begins you will only be able to use H O O D U B E R within 300 miles of your address on file and you will have to upgrade to change or edit this field.


Cancel your subscription at ANY time cancellations are effective immediately. You will still have Full access to your account until the end of your current paid subscription. 

Example:“If you Cancel your subscription on the 9th of the month and your Subscription expires on the 31st of the month You will continue to have full access to your account until the 31st You will no longer be billed after the 31st unless you re-subscribe."

Cancel your current subscription at least 24-48 hours before your current subscription expires to avoid future charges. You can find your current Subscription plan’s Expire date on the footer of your current subscription plan in the My Plan tab. Cancel your subscription by logging into the App and from the Main Menu select My ACCOUNT > MY PLAN at the bottom of your screen select "unsubscribe from current plan" in plain black text or your account will be charged 24 hours prior to your next billing cycle.
H O O D U B E R is a Social App that gives you the tools to run your own transportation or ride share service. Build your own network by sending & receiving connection requests just like you would on social media. You can choose to work amongst your group of friends and peers only or with Everyone. Simply select your privacy preference "Connections Only" or "Everyone". Payment transaction are super simple and 100% secure & safe through STRIPE 🔐. Drivers SIMPLY LINK THEIR BANK INFO OR DEBIT CARD TO THEIR ACCOUNTS and instantly begin accepting credit/debit card payments and RIDERS LINK THEIR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD TO THEIR ACCOUNTS users Never exchange credit or debit card info. A credit/debit is not required for Riders to request Rides but a credit or debit is required to complete signup process. Drivers must also link a Debit card to complete the registration process.

Drivers select which Vehicle Category their car best fits under.

STANDARD (Any Safe, Clean, Reliable, standard vehicle)
SUV (Any Safe, clean, reliable SUV 5+ seats preferred)
LUX (Leather interior & Full touch screen dash or radios)Chevy, Cadillac, volts vehicles ect. vehicles.
LUX XL (Luxury Truck or SUV. Leather interior & Full touch screen dash or radio) Range Rover, Cadillac Trucks, Benz's ect. vehicles. Note: 5+ seats are not required for but preferred.
EXOTIC (Lambo's, Porche High end Exotic Benz's, Jags, limousines, classic OLD school Vehicles) vehicles you may not see everyday.
(NOTE: Drivers LUX, LUX XL, EXOTIC can also choose to receive ride requests from the STANDARD and SUV categories by changing their RIDE REQUEST SETTINGS located in the "My Vehicles" tab. Your fares will be cheaper but you will get more Ride requests.) 


STANDARD (standard only)
SUV (standard)
Lux (standard)
LUX XL (standard, Lux, suv)
Exotic (standard, Lux, Lux xl, suv)
RIDERS choose which vehicle Category to REQUEST A RIDE FROM according to their vehicle type or preference. There is a Minimum ride fare for each Vehicle Category.


STANDARD $6 Minimum ride fare
SUV $6 Minimum ride fare
LUX $10 Minimum ride fare
LUX XL $20 Minimum ride fare
EXOTIC $100 Minimum ride fare
Riders cannot choose a specific Make and Model but Riders can add DRIVERS to their FAVORITES who has a specific Make and Model and request a ride directly from that driver when the DRIVER is online. 

Download (HOODUBER Drive) on the Google or Apple Store

Sign up & Subscribe $9.99 (No Approval Process)
Link credit or debit card
Upload A Vehicle (Choose which category STANDARD, SUV, LUX, LUX XL, EXOTIC) 
(These 3 steps above are the only requirements to Drive)

Instantly your in business and accepting credit card payments the same day. No Business or Merchant Account required (*Yes its really that simple to start getting paid) Payments are made in real time so you can track your payments from your History tab on your accounts dashboard. When your credit/debit card Funds reach $50 or more transfer it directly to your Bank Account from the My Account> Bank Detail tab. Keep 100% of Everything you earn.


100% Secure payment processing for your riders you never have to exchange payment information when processing debit/credit payments. Also accept cash.
Connections Tab (keep track and see everyone who's apart of your network) Send and Receive connection requests to build your own personal/private network.
Favorites Tab (Add your favorite riders to your favorites to add to connections later)
History Tab (Trip and Payment history to track your activity and screenshot receipts.)
GPS, Fare Calculation/Meter, Live ETA
Choose which Vehicle Category to upload your vehicle.
Minimum Payments Per Category
(For trips that have been successfully Started)

STANDARD $6 min Fare (Any Safe Clean Reliable standard vehicle)
SUV $6 min Fare (Any safe clean reliable SUV "5+ seats preferably")
LUX $10 min Fare (Luxury / Premium vehicles Chevy, Cadillac, volts Leather or Luxury interior and full touch screen dash or radio)
LUX XL $20 Min Fare (Luxury / Premium SUV or Truck Range Rover, Cadillac, Benz's leather or Luxury interior and full touch screen dash or radio)
EXOTIC $100 min Fare (High end Exotic Lambo's, Benz's, Porche, Jags, classic OLD school Vehicles)



Your credit and debit card payments from your trips must equal to $50 or more before you can transfer funds to your Bank Account. You must enter your Bank Details in the Bank Details area locted in the My Account Tab. Transfers can take up to 5 - 7 business days.

DOWNLOAD (HOODUBER) on the Google or Apple Store

Signup & Link credit or debit to complete signup.


No Debit or Credit Card Required to request Rides. You can use HOODUBER w/Cash.
100% Secure payment processing for card users. Simply link your card to your account and you never have to exchange payment information. (Also ALWAYS upload your credit/debit information through your HOODUBER account it was made to secure your info through STRIPE 🔐. Your driver never needs to see this information and they should never ask for it you should never share your credit/debit card information with anyone.)
Connections Tab (keep track and see every driver in your network) Send and Receive connection requests to build your own personal/private network.
Favorites Tab (Add your favorite DRIVERS to your favorites and Request a ride from them Directly when their online)
Option to "SUGGEST YOUR OWN FARE" offer a flat rate when your funds are low or when you just need a quick ride straight to a specific location.
History Tab (Trip and Payment history to track your activity and screen shot receipts.)
GPS, Automatic Fare Calculations and estimates, Live ETA
Choose which Vehicle Category you would like to request a ride from.
STANDARD $6 min Fare (Any Safe Clean Reliable standard vehicle)
SUV $6 min Fare (Any safe clean reliable SUV "5+ seats preferably")
LUX $10 min Fare (Luxury / Premium vehicles Chevy, Cadillac, volts vehicles Leather interior with full touch screen dash or radios)
LUX XL $20 Min Fare (Luxury / Premium SUV or Truck Range Rover, Cadillac, Benz's leather or Luxury interior and full touch screen dash or radio)
EXOTIC $100 min Fare (High end Exotic Lambo's, Benz's, Porche, Jags, classic OLD school Vehicles)
(Note: Min Fare just means the Minimum fare Riders pay once both parties have selected the "START TRIP" button.) 


Enter Pick up and/or Drop off (Its not A requirement to enter a drop off to request a ride. You can update drop off/Destination during trip. The "suggested fare" option is not available if you don't enter Drop off/Destination.)
Choose which vehicle Category to request a ride (STANDARD, SUV, LUX XL, LUX, EXOTIC)
Select Payment Method
Cash or
Card (if you select card the system will use the card you linked during signup. You can add or change your card in the my cards tab.)
Suggest Fare -Optional- (offer a flat rate to driver by entering a fare in the "Suggest Fare" box when requesting a ride.)

Scenario A.

If a rider Requests A Ride Not using the "Suggest Fare" option the system will calculate the "Market rate fare" for the trip. If the "Market rate fare" is less than the "Minimum ride fare" for that category the system will charge the rider "Minimum Ride Fare". The rider is either charged "Market rate Fare" or "Minimum Ride fare" whichever is greater, not both. 

Scenario B.

If a Rider Requests a Ride using the "Suggest Fare" option No matter how short or how far the trip is the Rider is only charged the "Suggested Fare". 

However if you update/change destination or Cancel Trip in progress the system will Calculate "Market Rate Fare" for entire trip or "Minimum Ride Fare" for the trip whichever is greater. In an Emergency or abrupt change of plans It maybe better to update/change your destination or cancel your trip so that your charged "Market Rate Fare" or "Minimum Ride Fare" for your trip instead of the "Suggested Fare" in the case your planned trip turns into a very short trip. Suggested Fares are based off a Point A to B pick up & drop off. So if you change your drop off / Destination during a trip the suggested Fare is forfeited and the "Minimum ride fare" or "Market rate fare" is applicable. You are Always prompted to Agree and check a box before this change is applicable.

In conclusion for (Short rides) under "Suggested Fare"
In the case You start a Trip and have entered a "Suggested Fare" and you need to change your drop off to a closer location (which could Make the trip really short) You could update/change your destination or cancel your trip near your New destination through the app before the trip is completed and get the "Market Rate fare" or "Minimum ride Fare" rate so Your not charged the "suggested fare" for a Short ride. 

Scenario C.

If a rider Requests a Ride without entering a Destination. The system will calculate "Market rate Fare" or "Minimum Ride fare" whichever is greater. "Suggest Fare" option is not available for these ride requests.


Cancelling a Ride Before it Starts - No Fee's
Cancelling a Trip after it has started - "Minimum ride Fare" or "Market Rate Fare" will apply whichever is greater. 


Market Rate Fare -The market rate for transportation in your current and surrounding cities for the vehicle class and type you requested a ride from.

Minimum Ride Fare - The minimum amount it costs to ride in a vehicle. (Note: Min Fare means the Minimum fare Riders pay once both parties have selected the "START TRIP" button.)


All "Verified" Drivers are drivers who have submited the appropriate documents to verify their identy that has been verified by the administration department. These Drivers have a Green check icon on the bottom right corner of their Profile photo. EXAMPLE BELOW

These documents do not prevent a user from making them selves available to offer rides to their network, friends, or peers.


All credit card transactions are 100% secured through STRIPE🔐 the #1 secured merchant and payment system in the world. No one ever exchanges credit card information. Credit card transactions are done seamlessly. The driver links their Bank Account or Card to their own account and the Rider links their credit or debit card to their own account. When the trip is complete the payment is processed. Then you get to rate each other.


The requirements to use HOODUBER App is you must be 18 years of age or older and every user Must AGREE to TERMS & CONDITIONS and maintain a 3 STAR RATING or ABOVE.


HOODUBER uses the latest technology to connect people with other like minded people. You build your own Network. You send and receive connection requests with people just like you would on any other social media network. You can choose to Request and Receive Rides from users outside of your connections by changing your privacy settings to “EVERYONE” or Just accept and Receive Ride Request with people you know by changing your privacy settings to "Connections Only" you decide who to invite and add to your network and when you want to operate within your group of friends and peers in your network.

Email: Customerhooduberapp@gmail.com

Subject Line: Subscriptions, Trips, or Technical Issue (Please Specify Subject so that your request is expidited promptly)*
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